Running A Red Light In Florida

Running A Red Light In Florida

Running a Red Light in Florida

Running a red light in Florida can result in huge consequences. A red light violation can cost you a lot of money. Whether it was an officer or camera that issued your ticket, the fines will vary depending on where you live and what the circumstances were.

Many Florida citizens commit this violation by overestimating how long the yellow light will last. Getting caught will lead to a traffic citation and points on your driving record.

Red Light Violations In Florida

If you’ve been pulled over for running a red light in Florida, it’s important to understand what exactly constitutes this type of violation. A red light camera system works by taking pictures of a vehicle that is passing the white line at an intersection right as the light turns from yellow to red. The vehicle is then ticketed if it is found to be in the intersection or crossing the limit line when the light turns red.

Red light tickets are a little different than traditional traffic offenses in that they are typically issued to the registered owner of the vehicle, not the driver. The tickets also are not considered moving violations and do not add demerit points to your driving record. This unique distinction makes it very important to hire a lawyer who specializes in fighting red light camera tickets.

In most cases, you can challenge the red light ticket by requesting an appeal. However, the process varies by city. The city will then conduct an administrative hearing and make a decision on the citation.

Your attorney can help you put together a record on appeal that includes the original red light citation, photographs and video from the red-light camera, and any other evidence you present during the hearing. A court reporter records all testimony at the hearing, so you can request a copy of the transcript for a fee.

A lawyer can help you fight a red-light ticket by challenging the timing of the yellow-to-red transition at the intersection, as well as identifying any errors made in putting together the photos and video from the camera system. It’s also crucial to understand that making a right-hand turn on a red light requires you to come to a complete stop, even if you can safely do so during the last part of the yellow phase.

Florida Traffic Offenses Attorneys Can Assist You

Florida red light tickets can carry steep monetary fines and points on your license. They can also raise your insurance rates. If you are caught with a red light violation, it is important to work with a Florida traffic offenses attorney as soon as possible to protect your driver’s license and avoid expensive fines and points on your record.

In Florida, you can be charged with running a red light when your vehicle is not completely past the line when the yellow light changes to red. In order to be valid, the traffic camera must have clearly taken a picture of your car in the intersection. This can be difficult because there are often glares from the sun or other lighting sources that can interfere with the camera’s view of your vehicle.

A traffic offense lawyer can examine the calibration and maintenance records for your red light camera to look for any inconsistencies or problems that could undermine its evidence against you. He or she can also argue that there were extenuating circumstances, such as an emergency vehicle approaching, that required you to move through the red light.

If you decide to fight your ticket, he or she can help you request a hearing within 30 days of receiving the citation. A hearing before a traffic judge may allow you to keep the violation off your record.

A lawyer can also argue that the length of the yellow light was too short and that you did not have time to stop. He or she can also challenge the evidence presented by the prosecutor, such as the video of your vehicle in the intersection and any statements made by a police officer.

Running a Red Light in the State of Florida

Florida is one of the most dangerous states in the country for red-light running. In 2011, over 80 Floridians died in crashes involving people who ran red lights. This is why the City of South Miami implemented a red-light safety camera program. These cameras are activated when a driver crosses over the sensor in an intersection when the traffic signal is red, taking pictures of the vehicle and its front license plate. These pictures are then used to generate a traffic citation that is mailed to the driver.

Despite these efforts, it is still common to see drivers run red lights throughout the state of Florida. These violations may seem trivial, but they can have serious consequences, especially for drivers with multiple infractions on their driving records. These individuals are more likely to have their license suspended if they do not fight the ticket. Additionally, the fines and fees associated with this violation can become incredibly expensive, especially when they are combined with additional penalties like court costs and points on your license.

Many motorists question whether or not they can turn right on a red light in Florida. It is important to remember that regardless of what a person thinks, they are required by law to come to a complete stop at a red light prior to reaching a limit line, crossing the near side crosswalk or entering the intersection itself. The only time a person can make a right turn on red in Florida is if there is a sign that explicitly states it is permitted. People who fail to comply with these rules and turn right on a red light are often issued a traffic citation.

Running a Stop Sign in FL

Red light cameras are becoming more common in Florida intersections. As soon as a driver passes over a sensor when the traffic light is red, the camera activates and takes pictures of the vehicle, including a close-up image of the front license plate. The cameras also record up to 12 seconds of digital video as evidence that a red light violation occurred. The registered owner of the vehicle receives the citation and is the one held responsible for running a red light.

In most cases, a person who gets caught with a red light ticket must pay the fine by the due date listed on the citation. Even if they believe they did not run the red light, however, they can fight the ticket by requesting a court hearing. An experienced traffic defense attorney can help drivers fight unjust charges and dismiss penalties.

While many drivers know that they should not pass a stop sign or red light, a lot of them do it anyways. Whether it is because they’re in a rush to get somewhere or they overestimate how long the yellow light will last, people often accidentally run red lights. Some cities and counties have been known to shorten the length of their yellow lights in order to increase their profits from red light fines.

There are also times when it’s simply not safe to come to a complete stop. For example, if a person is in the middle of an intersection and the light changes from green to red, it might not be safe to make a turn right because the road might not be clear enough to do so safely.

Fighting the Ticket in FL

While most drivers simply choose to pay their fine and move on, some drivers fight the ticket. In the state of Florida, there are some nuances that can make it difficult to defend yourself in court. Having a traffic lawyer in your corner can make all the difference when it comes to getting a ticket dismissed.

The first step in fighting your traffic violation is to request a hearing with the county clerk of court in the location where you received the ticket. This is usually done by calling or writing, so refer to your ticket for specific instructions.

During this hearing, you can try to convince the judge or hearing officer that there are reasons why your traffic violation should be dismissed. For example, maybe there is foliage that blocks your view of the traffic light or perhaps the stop sign was covered in graffiti. In these situations, photographic evidence can prove that your red-light violation was not criminally negligent or willful.

Your attorney can also challenge the officer’s method for determining your speed. They can question the officer on their methods, such as using a laser or radar gun to clock your speed. By challenging their assessment of your speed, they can get the judge or hearing officer to dismiss your traffic violation.


Another way to get a traffic ticket dismissed is by taking a driver safety course. Your traffic attorney can help you determine if this is the right option for you. If it is, your attorney can then advise you on the next steps to take in submitting your course registration and getting your ticket dismissed. Be sure to follow all court procedures, including dressing professionally and addressing the judge as “your honor.” This can help you avoid further penalties such as a license suspension after running a red light in Florida.

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