Florida Lawyer Dui

Florida Lawyer Dui

The Importance of Working With an Experienced Florida DUI Defense Lawyer

A skilled Florida DUI lawyer can help you fight the criminal charges and limit your financial consequences. They can challenge the forensic evidence used by the State, such as blood test results.Florida’s DUI laws are complex. Convictions carry serious penalties, and can impact your career and personal life. In addition to criminal penalties, a conviction can also result in hefty fines and license suspension.

DUI Defense Lawyers in Florida FL

If you are a Florida resident, it is crucial to have an experienced DUI defense attorney on your side after a DUI charge. A DUI conviction can affect your driving privileges, cause high fines, and stay on your record for years to come. If you are convicted of DUI in Florida, the state can order you to attend DUI school, community control, and/or have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.

Many attorneys practice criminal law, but if you are facing a DUI charge, you will want to find an attorney who practices primarily in that area of law. Just as a person who receives a cancer diagnosis will seek out a doctor who specializes in that type of disease, the same is true when it comes to DUI cases.

Sercombe Law represents individuals charged with DUI offenses in Orlando. They prepare defense action plans and secure results like dismissals, downgrading, and acquittals for their clients. They also defend cases involving other serious crimes such as domestic violence, theft, and probation violations.

Protect Your Rights with Experienced Attorneys

If you’re facing DUI charges, it’s crucial to work with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The penalties for a DUI conviction include losing your driver’s license, jail time, community service, mandatory alcohol and drug courses, probation, fines and other fees. An experienced DUI defense lawyer can help you avoid these penalties by filing what is known as a motion to suppress evidence. This can prevent the prosecution from using certain types of evidence at trial, such as blood and breath test results or video footage of your driving.

An experienced Sarasota out-of-state DUI lawyer can also appear in court on your behalf so you don’t have to travel back to Florida for every hearing or trial. This is especially helpful if you’re a servicemember and cannot take the time off work or school to return to Florida for your case. Your attorney will be familiar with all the paperwork and deadlines associated with your case so you can rest assured that everything is taken care of correctly. They will also be aware of any options for reducing the DUI charge to something less severe such as reckless driving or wet reckless.

Florida Driving Under the Influence DUI Laws

Florida’s DUI laws are strict and come with a variety of penalties. For a first offense, a driver’s license will be revoked for a minimum of 180 days and can even lead to the loss of a job, as some employers have stipulations against hiring workers with criminal records. A court can also order the offender to take a substance abuse course, community service, and an ignition interlock device for up to one year.

DUI cases that involve aggravating factors can be charged as felonies in Florida, and these carry severe prison sentences. A person may be charged with DUI manslaughter if they cause the death of another person while driving under the influence. This is a second-degree felony and carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

A person can be charged with a DUI for using any kind of drug, legal or illegal, that impairs their ability to drive. This includes over-the-counter medication such as Nyquil, painkillers, sleep medication, and many other drugs. It is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after being charged with a DUI to protect your rights.

Florida Driving Under the Influence Penalties

In Florida, a person is considered to be driving under the influence of alcohol or any other chemical substance set forth in state law “when that person’s normal faculties are impaired.” This is a very broad definition and allows for people to be charged with DUI even if they do not appear to be drunk. A person can also be found guilty of a DUI in Florida if they have an alcoholic beverage or controlled substance in their system and cause serious injury to another person.

A first conviction for DUI in Florida results in a fine between $500 and $1,000 and up to six months imprisonment. The court will also suspend the offender’s driver’s license. The judge will require the offender to enroll in DUI classes and complete monthly reporting probation. Failure to comply with these terms is a probation violation and can lead to the arrest of the offender.

In addition to the monetary and legal penalties, a DUI conviction in Florida will be recorded on your criminal record and will be made available to anyone who wants to see it. This may affect your job, as well as any professional licensing boards. An experienced attorney will be able to help you minimize the negative impact of a DUI on your life.

Committing a DUI Offense in Florida

The state of Florida has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. If you are caught driving under the influence in the state of Florida, you could face significant fines, jail time, probation, and the loss of your driver’s license. It is important to hire a Florida DUI attorney immediately to protect your rights and limit the impact that a DUI conviction will have on your life.

A Florida DUI Defense lawyer will investigate every detail of your case to find a solid defense to help you get the charges against you dismissed. They will also determine if the police officer involved in your case followed the proper guidelines for conducting a DUI stop. If they didn’t, your Florida DUI Attorney will have the evidence needed to challenge the evidence and have the case dismissed.

A first-time DUI in Florida is considered a misdemeanor. Even if it is your first offense, you should hire a Florida DUI Defense Attorney to avoid the harsh penalties. A DUI can have devastating consequences for college students, and it may make it difficult to find a job, rent an apartment, or obtain credit.

DUI Crimes in Florida

Drunk driving is a serious crime in Florida and is prosecuted accordingly. DUI charges are categorized into different levels based on whether an individual causes property damage, has previous DUI convictions or injures others while under the influence of alcohol. The penalties get more harsh for repeat offenders.

A first-time DUI in Florida carries a minimum of a $1,000 fine, probation for up to a year, possible jail time and license suspension. The offender may also be ordered to attend a substance abuse treatment program and perform community service. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, an attorney can often negotiate these penalties down or have them thrown out completely.

It is important to have a lawyer on your side as soon as possible when facing DUI charges, particularly felony charges. There is a lot of paperwork involved with these cases and they usually require strict deadlines to be met. Your attorney will handle all the monetary and legal responsibilities of your case for you, which will free up your time to focus on forming a strong defense.

Understanding the Severity of DUI in Florida

Florida has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. A first DUI conviction in the state carries severe penalties and could include fines, jail time, license revocation, community service, mandatory substance abuse classes, and more. In addition, the penalties are based on several factors including whether a minor was in the car and what the BAC was. If you cause serious injury or death to another person, the offense will be classified as a felony and may result in more jail time.

A Florida DUI conviction can significantly impact a college student’s life and make it difficult to find a job, rent an apartment, or attend school. The best way to minimize these effects is to seek a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney who can work toward an acquittal or at least reduce the penalties as much as possible. In addition to fighting for the best possible outcome, a qualified lawyer can also help you navigate your administrative hearing. This is a critical step in the DUI process as it will determine whether you had probable cause to be pulled over and whether the officer was properly trained in administering breath, blood, or urine tests.

Process of a Florida DUI Charge

A Florida DUI charge is an incredibly serious matter that can have long-term consequences on your life. An experienced DUI attorney can build a strong defense to help you avoid jail time, fines, and a conviction on your record.

A typical Florida DUI case begins with a stop by law enforcement, often as a result of an observed traffic violation such as running a red light or speeding. The officer may also observe other suspicious behavior such as swerving between lanes. Once the driver is pulled over, the officer will likely ask for field sobriety tests and a breath test. It is important to know that you have the right to refuse both of these tests, although the police can make it seem like they are mandatory. A good Florida DUI lawyer will take a close look at the circumstances surrounding these tests and may be able to challenge their results.

If convicted of a first offense Florida DUI, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle for 6 months and complete Level I DUI School. In addition you will face a 10 day vehicle impound and monthly reporting probation with mandatory drug testing. Contact an Florida DUI lawyer today!

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