About Our Fort Myers Criminal Defense Law Firm

Our Defense Lawyers are private attorneys hired by the accused or court-appointed. We start by investigating the case by examining police reports, interviewing witnesses, and finding expert witnesses.


About Us

If you have been arrested on criminal charges in Fort Myers, it is important to retain experienced and aggressively legal counsel as soon as possible.  Criminal charges can result in a number of penalties upon a conviction, so it is important to make sure your case is being defended by a skilled Fort Myers criminal defense attorney.

Our Vision

At Jones Defense Group, we are committed to using our knowledge, experience, and resources to help clients throughout Fort Myers, and the surrounding areas fight their charges.

Our Mission

Whether you are facing simple charges for a misdemeanor, or you are up against more serious felony charges, you can depend on a skilled Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer at the Jones Defense Group to vigorously defend your rights and aggressively fight your charges.

Core Values

Defend you and never judge!

Areas We Practice

Jones Defense Group has experience defending clients against a variety of crimes, including, but not limited to:


In addition, if you already have a criminal offense on your record, we can help you seek an expungement.

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When faced with criminal charges, do not head to court unprepared or without the defense representation of an experienced Fort Myers criminal defense attorney.  Having a well-practiced, dedicated, and driven criminal attorney on your side can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case!

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